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Fuel Up to Play 60 Supporters

Elevating the School Meal Experience... When you or your grant recipients choose to purchase equipment from one of our approved equipment partners, the Fuel Up to Play 60 program benefits in multiple ways -- through increased participation, increased exposure and through contributions to the program – supporting your SR directly.

Atlanta Fixture is the largest supply dealer in the Southeast and most trusted name in restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies. As a supporter of Fuel Up to Play 60, they supply blenders, blending equipment, parfait pumps, hot chocolate containers and MVP coolers.

Contact: Mike Hale - (770) 455-8444 x 2210, mhale@atlfix.com

Atlanta Fixture

Cold-Sell, a supplier of coolers, cold storage units and carts, help organizations provide cold, nutritious refreshment to students nationwide.

Contact: Stefan Mock - (336) 816-2332, stefanmock@coldsell.com

Cold Sell

Custom Innovation has been creating successful cooler programs for CPG customers all across North America since 1994. They supply coolers and refrigerated equipment brands such as: Beverage Air, AGT, Excellence Industries, Hill Phoenix, Hussman, and SG Merchandising Solutions.

Contact: Julie Hoffman - (847) 847-7100, julie@custominn.com



Custom Innovation

Excellence Industries is a national leader in commercial refrigeration for the food and food service industries. For over 50 years, Excellence has provided self contained refrigeration units that drive client revenue and growth.

Contact: (800) 441-4014, DM@excellenceindustries.com


Excellence Industries

Form Plastics Company provides complete packaging solutions in both food and nonfood industries.

Contact: Jim Adams - (630) 443-1400, sales@formplastics.com

Form Plastics

Franke Coffee Systems is a supplier of commercial espresso, latte, cappuccino, and coffee machines.

Contact: Brittany Crouch (615) 462-4105, Brittany.Crouch@Franke.com


Hubert provides food merchandising equipment to the retail industry worldwide.

Contacts:  Trevor Bentley – (513) 367-8950, tbentley@hubert.com

                  Jay Noel – (513) 367-8939, jnoel@hubert.com

                   Education Team Hotline – (800) 726-1520


Interior Systems (Elkay) is a supplier of kiosks, tables, and signage.

Contacts: Stanya Lemay– (800) 837-8373 x2048, Stanya.Lemay@elkay.com  

Interior Systems

Love Your Lunch Room.com is a supplier of signage and graphics for school cafeteria makeovers including Fuel to to Play 60.

Contacts: Christy Williams (508) 353-2204, Christy@loveyourlunchroom.com and Tacey Martinek (978) 772-2787, tacey@loveyourlunchroom.com


LTI is a supplier of multipurpose carts.

Contact: direct @ (888) 584-2722 or Pasco Brokerage – Karen Taylor


MVP Group Hydra Cool is a supplier of coolers.

Contact: Mike Hale (Atlanta Fixture) (770) 455-8444 x2210, mhale@atlfixture.com
MVP Group

Nordon is a supplier of coolers.

Contact: Shelley Gordon (215) 672-7712, shelleyg@nordon.com


Recyclingbin.com is a supplier of milk recycling bins.

Contact: Scott Gardner (973) 872-0346 x 204, Scott.Gardner@recyclingbin.com


Star Foods is a supplier of healthy express reimbursable vending machines.

Contact: Bob Gottlieb (877) 857-3663, bob.gottlieb@reimburseablemeals.com

Star Food Healthy Express

Stencilease.com is a supplier of custom playground stencils.

Contact: Jim Randolph, jimr@stencilease.com


Sterno Delivery is a supplier of cold/hot holding bags.

Contact: Rhonda Ashcraft (219) 369-9264, rashcraft@sternodelivery.com

Sterno Delivery

Waring Commercial supplies commercial blenders, immersion blenders, pizza ovens, mixers, etc.. through Atlanta Fixture.

Contact: Jerry Perlmutter – (561) 753-5221, jerry_perlmutter@conair.com
Waring Commercial