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No matter where you are, school is looking a little different this year! We’re here to help and that’s why we’re introducing the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom – a digital resource built on Google Slides that is full of fun videos and learning activities to help your students discover more about things that matter to them like staying healthy, being mindful and pitching in to make the planet a greener place. Plus, it stars NFL players, dairy farmers and students just like them in new and exciting content that is featured each week.

Take a spin around and share the fun !!

  • Send your students to the Homeroom to explore
  • Imbed the Homeroom or your favorite videos or activities in your own Google Slides
  • Post it on your school webpage
  • Let parents know they can access the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom, too

Here in the educator corner, you’ll find the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom content archive. If you loved something you saw in the Homeroom and it was swapped out with new content, you can find it in this archive!


 Spread the word about this new resource! Download or share the Guide to FUTP 60 Homeroom 


Go to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom


 Healthy communities mean more opportunities for everyone! See how students, educators, NFL players, farmers and more are contributing to the greater good! 

  • Nourishing our Community
  • Leadership
  • Doing Good at Home
  • NFL + Community Feature Blocks


Healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness - it's all part of living well. In this section of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom, students will learn how to stay on top of their game!

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity 
  • Mindfulness


We all want to leave behind a smaller environmental footprint. Here students can explore how the pros are doing it!

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Virtual Farm Tours


Educators, work with your students to guess how many items are in Tennessee Titans T-Rac! Follow the entry instructions below and submit your guess by December 24th for a chance to win a $100 gift card to the FUTP 60 online store! 


Eligible entrants should form a team with their students and work together to create a team name and guess how many items are in a jar. Once the team has agreed upon an answer, their educator entrant should submit the team's response by email to: news@fueluptoplay60.com and include the following required information:

  • The subject line should read: Guessing Jar Contest Submission
  • The name of the student team
  • The city and state where the team is located
  • The student team's guess for how many items are in the jar
  • The first and last name for the educator entrant making the submission, and
  • A contact phone number for the educator entrant

See Official Rules


If you see something that you love in the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom and then it disappears, you can always come here to find it! As we swap out and add new content to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom, the content that is replaced will be archived for your continued access, right here:

Apple Overnight Oats Recipe

Mexican Yogurt Parfait Video

Fueling Good Anywhere

"Mooga" Yoga Stress Reliever

MyPlate Food Group Quizzes

Whitney Mercilus Play 60 Video

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trip

NFL Player Ambassador Fun Fact: Texans vs Chiefs

Ryan Kerrigan - Virtual Play 60

How do farmers reuse water?

Hawaiian Roll Ham and Swiss Sliders

Raising Gallons

How to Connect with Students Virtually

Helping Kids of All Ages and Abilities Get Active

Try These Online Teaching Icebreakers

Who's Who in the Food System

Milk on the Move

Milk: More Than a Mustache

Milk: From Farm to Table

Mess With Your Milk; Carton Garden

Florida Teen Innovates for Food Insecure Classmates

Dairy Moments: Strong Bones & Teeth

What is a Digester

FUTP 60 Program Advisor Jessie Pion Video

Meet FUTP 60 Hero Jeanine

Tips for You from the Experts

NFL Player and Farmer Video

Halloween Cheesy Veggie Dip Recipe

Overnight Oats Recipe (video)

Bone Strength

Mess with Your Milk: Carton Creatures

Giving Back To The Community Is A Family Affair On This Dairy

Dairy Good Halloween Animation

Spooky Halloween Joke Book

Self-Assessment for PE Teachers

GENYOUth Study: Youth Knowledge, Perspective and Insight on Sustainable Food Systems

Resources for Kids to Stay Active While at Home

Getting in your 60 min with Frank Ragnow

Kelvin Beachum Tackles Hunger in His Hometown

Ali Marpet Dairy Farm Tour

Player Ambassador Fun Facts: Ricardo Allen and Tre Boston

Workout with Cheerleader

Perfect Pairs

Dairy Moments: Dairy Farm Tour

Cam Heyward MVP

World Kindness Day

Bone Strength Training Video

Carolina Panthers Mascot Sir Purr Shows How Cows Upcycle Certain Food Byproducts

Philadelphia's Rodney McLeod Named NFLPA Community MVP - See Why!

Player Fun Facts: Justin Pugh and Tre Flowers


Ready to join the 39 million+ students and 73,000+ schools that are fostering healthier school communities and a greener planet? Be a part of it - because great things are happening with Fuel Up to Play 60!

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