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Become a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador!

Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassadors are select champions for student wellness in schools. They work with educators, administration, cafeteria staff and other student leaders to make healthy changes happen in their schools!

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are student leaders on your FUTP 60 Team who work with an adult supporter (known as a Program Advisor) to rally other students and commit to leading healthy, sustainable changes in your school.


What's an Ambassador

event details

Event Details

When: July 16 - 19, 2019

Where: Cleveland, Ohio

Who: Youth Council, Student Ambassadors and Program Advisors


Summit FAQs

Got questions about the 2019 Summit? Get answers by clicking on the FAQ link below.

View FAQs

How Do I Become an Ambassador?

Option One: Earn Points!

Log in to your student Dashboard and report activity to earn Points! Once you reach 30,000 Points, you'll achieve Level Three and unlock exclusive opportunities as a Student Ambassador.

Option Two: Complete the Student Ambassador Nomination Form!

Click here to download a nomination form, then work with your Program Advisor to fill it out and submit it. Once your form is received and approved by the Fuel Up to Play 60 team,. you will automatically be named an Ambassador!


Become and Ambassador

2018 Summit Highlights

Get Ready for the 2019 Student Ambassador Summit!

Keep earning Points to become an Ambassador and get your chance to attend the 2019 Student Ambassador Summit.

Check out the 2018 Student Ambassador Summit Highlights video to learn more about this awesome event!

View video!

Team Up With Your Program Advisor!

FUTP 60 Ambassadors are the main support system for Program Advisors, and when you work together, magic can happen! Connect with an adult at your school and schedule a meeting to discuss your game plan.


Team Up!


 Build your Team

fundraising toolkit

2019 Student Ambassador Summit Fundraising

Planning on paying your way to the Summit if your application gets approved? Check out our Fundaising Toolkit for ideas on how you can raise money to cover your event package and travel costs. Download Toolkit!

Meet our 2018-2019 State and School Ambassadors!

2018 Summit Map View State and School Ambassadors