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Why Fuel Up to Play 60?

Fuel Up to Play 60 is helping schools across the country make changes in their school wellness environment. Here's how you can help!

Why You?

Healthy schools can mean successful schools — and successful schools send successful students out into the community to participate, work and contribute. By working with your local school(s) to put a focus on healthy eating and physical activity, you can help students, schools and the greater community achieve more.

How Can You Get Involved?

1. Enroll in the program and link to a local school or group of schools.

2. Get involved with Fuel Up to Play 60. Support a group of students and staff working to create healthier schools. Provide funding, resources and volunteers to help students’ and schools’ efforts.

3. Donate materials, food, equipment and incentives to support Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Plays. Visit the interactive Playbook and Fuel Up to Play 60's Success Stories to learn more about what's possible.

4. Share your expertise. Find out about your school district’s wellness practices. Contact school leaders and offer to help implement school wellness goals — tap your knowledge and expertise!

5. Keep students, staff and families apprised of programs that support physical activity and healthy eating in the community — including your own organization’s initiatives.

6. Be a role model. Encourage employee wellness initiatives and practices in your own organization.