Your Quick-Start Guide to Fueling Greatness!

Ready to empower your students, school and community? Looking for what Fuel Up to Play 60 can do for you and how we can help? Then let’s get started! 

Your School’s FUTP 60 Team

We’re better together and that’s why more than 73,000 schools across the U.S. field their own Fuel Up to Play 60 teams! And here’s the best news – EVERYONE is welcome to join the team! What does a typical FUTP 60 team roster look like? 
  • Educators, like YOU, who have a passion for helping empower students to make sustainable change in your school and community that increase overall health and wellness.
  • Students - the more the merrier!  Some may want to step up as leaders and get even more involved with the program! 
  • Administrators and other school or community partners who offer support and an extra hand when you need it to help make real change happen.


It’s not easy finding and filling in the materials you need for your lesson plans each day! That’s why we’ve created a “Resources” section where you can find:
  • The Learning Plan provides classroom ready resources that align with national standards and help you incorporate Fuel Up to Play 60 into your school year learning plans. 
  • The Playbook offers different types of activities and initiatives– kind of like a road map – on how you and your students can make healthy, sustainable change happen in your school whether it’s about learning where their food comes from, reducing food waste or ways to get in their 60 minutes of physical activity.
  • Classroom-Ready-Resources  from videos and posters to brain breaks and downloadable materials our classroom-ready-resources focus on STEM, agriculture and SEL topics to help fill your lesson plans 

Educator Dashboard

With an official Fuel Up to Play 60 account, you can get access to our Educator Dashboard where you can find:
  • Funding and Equipment Offers: Apply for up to $4,000 per year and other special offers for equipment.
  • Touchdown Steps: Keep track of your progress and get ideas using the program’s Touchdown Steps.
  • Local News and Updates: Get local news and information offered only to schools in your regional area, from your local dairy council.


We all love to win and that’s why Fuel Up to Play 60 offers fun contests for educators and students to participate in, that not only gives you and your students an opportunity to get exciting prizes, but also offers up a fun break in the day! Look for the latest updates on contests under “Get Inspired.”

Help Students Create Accounts!

Get your students in the Zone! Have them create a Student Zone account on their desktop or by downloading the App to complete Activities, earn Badges, and become Fuel Up to Play 60 Champions for more opportunities and chances to win! The Student Zone is available for free on the App Store or Google Play and is also available via desktop.


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