Help Your Kids Fuel Up at Home!

Here’s what you should know about Fuel Up to Play 60 and how you and your child can Fuel Up together!

Fueling Up at Home

Fuel Up to Play 60 provides so many benefits for students beyond health and wellness. Together with your child, you can access tons of resources that bring the program to life in your own home, too! Get inspired to get active and don’t be shy about offering your support to the program in school or your local community!

Don’t Miss Out!

  • Check out what our Fuel Up to Play 60 community is up to and hear from students, educators and NFL players on the impact the program is making across the country!
  • Inspire your child to give back to your community. Check out what others are doing.
  • Take a look at what educators are using in classrooms across the country to pump up their Fuel Up to Play 60 programs.

The Updated Student Zone App Is Now Available!

The Student Zone App is THE best way for your child to stay engaged with Fuel Up to Play 60, anywhere! Work with your child to download the app and check out activities to try, recipes to taste, exercises for their bodies and minds, and more opportunities for rewards.

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