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100 Mile Club®

100 Mile Club® challenges students to walk, jog or run 100 miles at school in a single school year.  It teaches students to get moving every day, set goals and create team spirit! Founded in a single classroom more than 20 years ago by California teacher Kara Lubin, 100 Mile Club® has since been adopted by nearly 1,000 schools in all 50 states and four countries. This award-winning Play is fully inclusive and was developed in collaboration with ChildObesity180.


Huddle Up

Huddle Up

  • Huddle up with your principal so he or she can give your club a thumbs up and help you choose running routes, hold Kickoff assemblies, track student miles, reward progress and more.

    Don’t forget to include the rest of the team, too. Work with your school’s nutrition professionals and the principal to time your club activities for before, or right after, your school's breakfast programs. Students need physical activity and a nutritious breakfast!

    You should also include the Program Advisor, teachers or other adult volunteers to lead and manage the club and keep track of student miles. Encourage all students and parents to participate! 

Get Organized

Get Organized

  • Get started by registering your school at www.100MileClub.com. By registering, you’ll gain access to the support, materials and resources needed to bring 100 Mile Club® to your school, along with training and technical support directly from 100 Mile Club®.  

    Find the time: Look at your school schedule with your principal
    and other key adults to identify appropriate times in and around the school schedule for walking and running. These times may be before or after school, between classes, during recess, at lunch, during P.E. or teacher prep time. 100 Mile Club® walking/running sessions might need to be different for different grade levels and classrooms — that’s okay! Get creative and decide what will work best for your school.

    Identify your route(s): Scout out potential walking/running routes in and around the school and mark off distances. Most schools create a one-eighth, one-quarter or one-half mile loop. Plan to use cones or other markers so the walking/running path is easily identifiable. Make a plan for what to do on bad weather days and make at least one route inside the school. 

Build Awareness

Build Awareness

  • Host an enthusiastic and energy-filled introductory Kickoff to make your entire school aware of the 100 Mile Club® and ask the P.E. teacher to talk to students about the benefits of walking and running to improve fitness. Make posters or flyers telling people about the club, too. You should also get the word out on your school’s website, blog or in your school’s eNewsletter. The more people who know about your club, the better!

    Reward Progress: The 100 Mile Club® has a unique and structured incentive package that is consistent across all participating 100 Mile Club® schools nationally. Visit www.100MileClub.com to learn more. Combined with bulletin boards and in-school announcements, these are huge motivators — and a fun way to connect within your school as well as with participating schools in your district, and beyond.

Take Action

Take Action

  • Set goals: In this Play, 100 miles of walking or running is the goal for every student.  It sounds big, but remember, if students can achieve just three miles each week, most can make 100 miles in one school year.

    Choose a tracking system: Program Advisors should decide how to track student laps and miles. Most 100 Mile Club® schools use inexpensive, reusable items such as Popsicle sticks or hand stickers as lap counters. As students complete each lap, they receive a lap counter. Your students and adult helpers will know how many counters equal a mile depending on the length of your school’s route. Program Advisors or another adult leader of your 100 Mile Club® can tally those counters at the end of the walking/running session to determine how many miles each student has earned. Make tracking fun and a team effort by using bulletin boards in each classroom or in your school hallway to mark each student’s progress.

    Create mini-challenges, or break your annual goal down into pieces. If you live near an NFL stadium, walk or run the distance from your school to your local NFL team’s home stadium in time for a home game!

    Safety first! Create a flyer to help walkers and runners learn how to stretch and warm up. Be sure to pay attention to healthy practices and stay hydrated during walking club activities. Remember, safety is for everyone, but younger students also need supervision. Confirm with your Program Advisor or adult leader that you practice safety for all. Be sure to walk in groups and only during daylight hours, and keep to the designated walking/running route.

    Visit the event calendar at www.100MileClub.com to find sanctioned out-of-school opportunities in your local area for students to earn extra miles towards their goals. Use Coaches Corner to connect with other schools locally, and even create and share your own mini “fun-runs” right on the 100 Mile Club® calendar.

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

  • Make posters or flyers to tell people in your school and community about your club. Get the word out on your school's website, blog or in your school's eNewsletter. You can also promote your club during morning announcements. 

    Post markers (like paper feet or football cleats) in the gym or cafeteria to keep track of — and share with your school — how far your club members walk throughout the year. 

    Invite local celebrities to attend club events, too. That’s a great incentive and fun way to involve your whole community.

    Celebrate Success: The 100 Mile Club® builds toward an end-of-year Medal Ceremony at your school to commemorate all students who participated. Acknowledge your students one by one and include all participants, regardless of miles earned. Tally the collective total mileage of all your students during the school year and announce the grand total at your event. Invite families, school board members and elected officials, like the mayor and other decision makers, to attend the celebration. 



  • Everyone Can

    • Mark off walking routes in and around your school
    • Create and share materials like posters and announcements to build community awareness
    • Encourage friends and classmates to join the Walking/Running Club
    • Provide parents with information about the Walking/Running Club
    • Distribute posters and flyers to local businesses. This builds awareness and adds to students’ 100-mile goals.

    Homefield Advantage provides useful, practical ways for parents and family members to get involved in making this Play a success — in school and at home! Click here for a printable sheet that is ideal for students to take home and share!


Funding and Outfitting Your Play

What might help?

• Items to create a walking trail, such as paint, signs, cones

• White board/bulletin board to track participants’ progress

• Pedometers 

• The 100 Mile Club® reward structure includes an official 100 Mile Club® T-shirt (given at 25 miles), a wristband (50 miles), a golden pencil (75 miles) and a year-end medal (100 miles). Schools interested in learning more about student incentive packages should visit www.100MileClub.com.

Funds for Fuel Up to Play 60

Up to $4,000 per year is available to qualified K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 to kickstart healthy changes! 

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