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Stop and Go Signs

Place “point-of-decision” prompts around the school that encourage everyone to get active. These signs or posters remind students (and adults) to take advantage of every opportunity to be active. Encourage students to increase their physical activity!

How Does It Work?

This simple activity provides reminders throughout the school for students to take time out for physical activity. 

The following steps are suggestions for how to complete the Play — but they can be done in any order or combination and can be altered to fit your needs. If you find ways to adapt this Play to fit your school, share it with us through the Tips section!

Huddle Up

Huddle Up

Create a planning team of students and P.E. teachers in your school. Share information about point-of-decision prompts and how they have been shown to increase physical activity.

Take Action

Take Action

Get Started

With your team, create a set of prompts that encourage students to get 60 minutes of physical activity during each school day (outside of their P.E. classes). The goal of prompts is to encourage short (3- to 5-minute), fun bursts of physical activity that can be done anywhere. Examples could include simple statements such as “There are 1,440 minutes in a day — use 60 of them to get active,” or more specific ideas like “Stop here and do 10 toe raises” or “Go home and jump rope today.”

For activity ideas, check out the Tools and Resources below.

Create posters that feature the prompts or ask art students to help create the posters. Decide on the best locations to place posters featuring prompts, including places where students tend to gather or spend a lot of time, such as the cafeteria, foyers and lobbies, inside classrooms and courtyards.

Keep It Going

Encourage students to track their physical activity behaviors throughout the school year

Change posters and prompts on a regular basis to keep students' interest level high! 

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Advertise the program by calling students’ attention to it through morning announcements, flyers or ads in the school newsletter. Be sure to remind everyone they can track their physical activity behaviors on FuelUpToPlay60.com while working on completing simple physical activities throughout the day!

Get Others Involved

Get Others Involved

Everyone can help:

  • Create a planning team
  • Create physical activity prompts
  • Create posters
  • Decide where to place posters
  • Rotate posters and their locations
  • Advertise the program

How Does It Work?

Did You Know?

Not all schools are physical activity "ready." You can work with your school to remove any obstacles (both physical and institutional) to physical activities. Identify those barriers and work with your school counselor and PE team to find ways of addressing them one by one through the PE program. Start small and build from there!

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