The Fuel Up to Play 60 Learning Plan for Educators

We know you’re always on the lookout for classroom ready resources that align to national standards. That’s why we’re building out the Fuel Up to Play 60 Learning Plan – a planning outline that helps you incorporate Fuel Up to Play 60 into your school year learning plans.


Hear What educators have to say

FUTP 60 educators from across the country, teaching different subjects, talk about the benefits of incorporating our Learning Plan.
"I have been able to pull out pieces of the lesson plans or activities and differentiate/customize them for my students and classes. The amount of information, guidance, tools, and printouts has been a lifesaver during the post-pandemic adjustment of bringing students back into schools." 
Ally V.
Ally V., Biology Teacher - Synergy Alternative High School

Here you’ll find materials that will help students discover more about the things that matter like staying active and healthy, being mindful and pitching in to the make the planet greener. Check out the lesson plans that are currently available!

about the learning plan:

  • Focuses on STEM hands-on learning opportunities, including Health, Science, Agriculture and SEL topics.
  • Aligns with national standards for grades 6-8 in science, social emotional learning, and health education.
  • Incorporates a high degree of individual goal-setting, responsible decision-making, and mindfulness.
  • Includes a focus on agriculture and environmental sustainability.


available lessons and Themes: 

Click to View: Fuel Your Game Day – Every Day Is Game Day.

Click to View: Farmers Fuel The World! 

Click to View: Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Click to View: Farmers Celebrate the Earth Every Day!