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Release date: April 4, 2022 

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In this lesson: Let’s Get Elemental!

Release date: April 4, 2022

Students learn about how dairy farmers harness the elements and work in harmony with nature: Earth (land), Air (breath), Water (hydration) and Fire (heat), and about seasonality in farming, including dairy farmers’ work with the land to ensure they have enough feed for their cows. Students will learn how the elements are connected to each other, to animals, to farm foods, and to their bodies.

To drive home what they’ve learned, students complete a Likert Scale-style survey on the elements and concepts learned in the lessons (e.g., How important are farmers for the land? How important is it to conserve water for animals to drink?), and then work in discussion groups to analyze their overall responses.

Learning Plan | Fuel Up To Play 60