Release date: October 4, 2021 

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In this lesson: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Release date: October 4, 2021

Students will learn about the environmentally sustainable agriculture practices that farmers implement, food systems and the ways in which farmers work through these systems to deliver food from farms to schools while also caring for the environment, and with a specific focus on the important work that farmers do, students will learn about the careers available throughout food systems in the U.S., including scientific, technological, and agricultural fields.

Lessons will culminate with the “Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Practices Promotion” activity — students select an environmentally sustainable agriculture practice, choosing from the various practices that they have learned about in the lesson content, and build a promotion plan that includes their rationale for their selection and identifies which audience they plan to work to target their awareness-building promotional efforts on (i.e., create a poster and present it to their classmates).

What you can do now: Review and share the Undeniably Dairy STEM Lessons Innovations from Farm to Community and Converting Poop to Power to learn about how farmers are using sustainability practices.