Fuel Your Game Day – Every Day Is Game Day

In this UNIT: How Food Fuels Your Body

In this unit, students learn about the essential nutrients for sustaining health and energy - including calcium and vitamin D, which are part of dairy's 13 essential nutrients - and reaching macro- and micro-nutrient goals. They’ll learn about the variety of recommended physical activity types (aerobic and anaerobic, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, and flexibility) and how certain foods ( like yogurt and kefir, as well as kimchi and others) relate to gut health (good bacteria vs. bad).

NEW LESSON ADDED! Lesson Four – The Science of Yogurt! In this lesson students learn about the fermentation process that goes in to making yogurt. The lesson includes step-by-step instructions for two engaging classroom demonstrations and stand-alone activities to incorporate hands-on learning opportunities for students. 

"I have been able to pull out pieces of the lesson plans or activities and differentiate/customize them for my students and classes. The amount of information, guidance, tools, and printouts has been a lifesaver during the post-pandemic adjustment of bringing students back into schools." 
Ally V.
Ally V., Biology Teacher - Synergy Alternative High School