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21 Day Challenge

MIKE SLOWN,   Degan El
Access to Healthy Foods,  Student Leadership

Our school district participates in a healthy food challenge with a neighboring school district every year called the 21 Day Challenge. Recipe books are made by all different age groups in our school district. We pass them out to every student in the school. They are asked to take them home and create 1-2 of the recipes with friends and family. The recipes are made by fellow students in the area, so the students feel like they can relate, it's easy to make and will taste good. The 21 Day Challenge was very helpful and successful for our students, as it acts as another way to be healthy in their lives. Our students and parents appreciated all the hard work and creativity. It made the 21 Day Challenge a hit among kids and adults.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Students had not learned how to cook properly and they had no knowledge of good healthy food recipes to try. The book and other students input sparked a lot of good interest amongst the student body. From there, students really got creative and took it to a whole other level.