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26.2 or Bust

Jackie Clark,   Rock River Intermediate School
Community Involvement,  Physical Activity Participation
26.2 or Bust
I challenged my students this year to run a marathon! I had a fall running club that ran for 7 weeks (1X/week) and then a spring running club that was 8 weeks long (3X/week). I had 253 kids participate sometime this school year. Some ran just in the fall and some ran just in the spring and some ran both. We was amazing to see the kids run out to our running track after school, grab their punch cards and off they went. Each night I recorded how many laps they ran and then converted it to miles. We logged 6,491 miles, which is equivalent to the distance from Waupun to Japan! AMAZING and a testimony that every mile counts. Our top runner logged 85 miles! We are carrying this over to our summer school program where 55 kids signed up to come during the summer to run with me! Some are determined to get to the 100 mile mark!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Showing kids how to lead an active healthy lifestyle. Running/walking doesn't require any specialized skill and anyone can do it. Everyone needs to find that one thing in their life to keep them active and their heart healthy and this program inspired many of my kids to sign up for some summer Fun Runs and 5K's.

How did you accomplish your goals?

With over 190 kids involved in my spring program, it was alot to manage. I learning to ask for help, recruit some parent volunteers and continue to communicate with the parents at the end of each week to highlight things that happened that week with milestone that were met.