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4th Down and Wolverine Ball Fall 2017

JT Mistr,   Dr Erwin & Elizabeth Pink Es
Physical Activity Participation
4th Down and Wolverine Ball Fall 2017
Flag Football games are back in session at Pink Elementary! We play several football inspired games - some inside, some on the turf - but all involving our NFL FLAG sets! 4th Down is a game that treats every play as if it's a 4th Down!  Participants must either get to the fifty yard line to get another 4th Down or score if inside the fifty! It makes every decision super important - run, dodge, pass, lateral, catch, score!! Or turn it over on 4th Down! Wolverine Ball is an "ultimate" frisbee inspired game. The person with the ball cannot move, but you need to move the ball down the field to score without a turnover, interception or dropped pass; otherwise, it's headed the other way! Pass, pass, lateral, tip, catch, pass. Do whatever keeps your team on the move to score a Wolverine Ball Touchdown!!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

By allowing students to use the FLAGS at recess as well as in PE Classes