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A Day with U of A basketball player Allonzo Trier

Kristie Siegfried,   Davidson Elementary School
The Power Behind the Play
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation, Teamwork,  Other
A Day with U of A basketball player Allonzo Trier
We had a great time here at Davidson Elementary. Allonzo Trier of the University of Arizona was here to teach our students about the importance of studying hard, eating healthy, and staying physically fit. Allonzo was here early so he could meet the staff and some of the students of Davidson. At first bell, he headed over to the lower grades to read to them. Those students so enjoyed having Allonzo read to them and spend some time with him. After reading, it was time for the school assemblies. We broke the assemblies up so students would be able to ask questions of Mr. Trier. Allonzo spoke on the importance of studying, eating healthy and staying physically fit. The students learned a lot from Allonzo Trier about how to be a success in life and the hard work and discipline it takes to be successful. Then the time came that all our students were very excited about. All of our students headed over to the basketball court to watch Allonzo Trier in action and our turn around students got to play some one on one with Allonzo Trier. It was a great day!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We had some students that were having problems in school and not wanting to do their work or pay attention in class. So to get these student to turn it around, we told them if they do well in school and stay on task they would get to play one on one with a U of A player. So these student worked every day and checked in and out everyday with one of the staff members to give them support for their hard work and to keep them on task. In the end, they got rewarded for their hard work.