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A Star is Born!

Therese Anfield,   John Tibbott Elementary School
Student Leadership,  Teamwork
A Star is Born!

Even though our Fuel Up to Play 60 program is in the beginning stages, I have noticed some early individual success stories. One particular student has assumed leadership in our school by taking it upon herself to free hand draw and color the Fuel Up to Play 60 logo on all of the individual posters that are being hung in our school. This sparked attention to her creative artistic skills and has brought her much pride and improved her self-esteem. The rest of the team has used her posters and added their nutrition and activity facts and then posted them throughout the school. This has led to students making announcements, taking notice, surveys in our school about nutrition and exercise, and ongoing brainstorming about how they can be more involved. We are a NO EXCUSES UNIVERSITY SCHOOL, which is geared toward exposing children at an early age to the benefits and reasons to pursue education at college and a higher level after high school. This particular student who drew the logos told me she hopes to go to college to study art and possibly be a cartoonist. This opened up the conversation and discussion of other possible careers in art, such as graphic design and visual communications. I am so excited about how this student has found success just by being involved in one aspect of Fuel Up to Play 60. I am also inspired by the potential for the rest of the students on our team. Their excitement is contagious and now interest is growing among other students.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our team of students is quickly bringing the Fuel Up to Play 60 message to their fellow classmates, teachers, and administrators, and now we are sending teachers ideas that can be done in the classroom.