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After Appitite Activities

Steve Walsh,   Kiel Middle School
Physical Activity Participation
After Appitite Activities
Our school focused on getting more activity during our lunch recess periods. Being a Middle School, "recess" is the time after eating lunch. The kids were not very active, standing around talking. We were looking to get them more active during this time. We have brought in Move It Mondays, Walking Wednesdays, and Fitness Fridays. During these days, we have provided different games (kickball, four square, tag, football, soccer, etc.) for the kids to participate in. On Walking Wednesdays, we mapped out a route the kids can walk/run. We use an app then (EZ Scan) to help keep track of this and the miles they have logged. We are giving away prizes based on the number of miles ran/walked, so this has been a huge motivator for our kids! In the end, the kids have become more active during their recess period!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We met our goal of having more activity at recess for all grades by promoting it with our students. We found a good group of kids to be involved in our Fuel Up group and they are promoting it with their fellow classmates. They have been the ones who have made video announcements to encourage the students to participate and have even organized the activities at recess. We also found some funding to help provide incentives to our students who have shown an excitement for participation.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have seen many students more active at recess. They are no longer standing around on their electronic devices. They are active in many different activities ranging from walking, to soccer games, football games, and tag games throughout the playground area. A lot of students who are not active outside of physical education class are now being active at recess. This activity has helped to provide the students a base to becoming more active and on the way to their 60 minutes of activity!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

To make it last throughout the school year and beyond, we have constant discussions about things we can do for these activities. We are trying to keep it new and not over use a single idea. We have brought in ideas that make use of the seasons (basketball during the season, snowshoeing during the winter, etc.) that keep the kids interested and wanting to participate. We also have had discussions and planning on how to sustain incentives to keep providing those to our students as well.