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All School Kick-off Assembly

Jill Schott,   Albany School
Student Leadership
All School Kick-off Assembly

Albany kicked off FUTP 60 with an assembly organized by our student team. They were announced with stadium-like introductions, built excitement about FUTP 60, prizes were tossed out and plays were announced. The FUTP 60 team instructed and competed with staff/students in Human Hungry Hippos and Zombie Tag. Everyone left with smiles, rosy cheeks and sweaty hair, assuring us our kickoff was successful!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our FUTP60 student team met, brainstormed, discussed, and implemented our all school kick-off assembly. Each student team member had a role in the assembly and it was awesome to see all their leadership abilities on display. Teachers within our school complimented how organized the assembly was and were impressed with the enthusiasm they displayed.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our student team's main goal was to energize our student body to get them excited about FUTP 60 and about making healthy choices. During the assembly, they informed the students and staff about the plays we will be sharing with the school throughout the year and how it will impact them. Our student body has shown a lot of excitement about FUTP 60 since our kick-off assembly.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Our younger students have definitely become accustomed to hearing the FUTP 60 term and what it represents/means. While in the cafeteria, students are seen asking their peers what healthy foods they are eating. Our administration has caught on as well, because soda machines have been shut off during the school day and replaced with choices such as yogurt, cheese sticks, granola bars, water and juices. Our school is not all the way there, but we are definitely seeing positive changes.