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Allendale Wellness Committee

Jessie Rula,   Allendale Elementary School
Student Leadership
Allendale Wellness Committee
Our Wellness Committee, made up of 10 students, took leadership to a whole new level this year. They decided to work on revamping recess and pushing healthy eating choices at school. They accomplished their goal using several strategies. The students put on skits during school assemblies, encouraging kids to eat more vegetables, try something new, get more sleep, and drink more water (just to name a few). They also shared fun clips and videos encouraging healthy eating. In addition to this, they came up with new games and ways to increase exercise during recess and helped facilitate and lead those games. They handed out positive referrals to kids when they saw them eating healthy at breakfast or lunch. They also created informational posters and hung them around school. The Committee has done an excellent job of encouraging students to make healthy choices and leading by example.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students really embraced their leadership roles this year. The Program Advisor was there to help keep them on track and focused but the students really took the initiative to create the posters and skits, as well as the fitness and eating goals for each month. The Advisor was really only there to offer support and resources

How did you accomplish your goals?

One of the most popular ways they achieved their goal was by putting on funny, informative skits during school assemblies that discussed making healthy choices. The other students loved these skits and they really got their attention

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We saw more kids eating breakfast in the morning and they were also excited to show the team members that they were eating their vegetables or finishing everything on their tray. We also saw a lot of kids taking on the recess challenges and playing the games suggested for the month by the wellness committee