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Andover High School Students Fuel Up

neil broderick,   Andover High
Access to Healthy Foods
Andover High School Students Fuel Up

Andover High School School students are excited that they are served smoothies three days a week. A variety of smoothies are offered with whole grain muffins for a reimbursable meal. The breakfast cart has gotten the attention of students that were not participating in the breakfast program. The students are taking the opportunity to have a nutritious breakfast to get them ready for their big day.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

There were several challenges we faced in order to implement the Breakfast Anytime, Anywhere grant. There were meetings with administration and staff advising them that smoothies would have to be served 3 times weekly and we requested that they be offered in various places. There were concerns regarding spills and the solution was to find a squatter cup with a lid. Now everyone is enjoying breakfast anytime, anywhere.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The smoothies really sell themselves. The breakfast cart is utilized during lunch as well as at breakfast and serves as a reminder that they will want to get a smoothie the next day. We also plan to continue marketing the smoothies so students have the option to grab a quick nutritious start to their day.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The breakfast carts have proven to be a piece of equipment that is multifunctional. The students know that when they see the breakfast cart there will be nutritional choices for them to grab in order to get them through day. Our students are now rocking the fact that they can choose a reimbursable meal with a variety of smoothies and whole grain muffins.