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Annual Milk Mustache Day

Deb Barnhill,   Westwood Elementary School
Milk Mustache Booth
Student Leadership
Annual Milk Mustache Day

Here at Westwood, we serve flavored milks. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate skim along with 1% white and skim white. September for us was Promote Dairy Month. My Westwood Fuel Up “Ambassadors” made daily announcements about the benefits of all dairy products, along with fun facts!! To complete the month the “Ambassadors” continued our yearly tradition of a Milk Mustache Day with a twist! The whole school needed to MAKE mustaches in the color of their favorite milk, and wear them down for lunch. What a blast we had! We also set up a photo backdrop for the kids to take pictures with their teachers and friends. We gave out Mustache Trophies to the most creative 'staches!! We also took a poll and tallied up the results to see what Westwood’s favorite milk flavor was!! Chocolate won with 61% Strawberry 20.5% Vanilla 11% and plain white came in last!! We posted the results and the kids were excited to see!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

My Westwood Fuel Up “Ambassadors are made up of 3rd thru 5th graders who are work really hard to promote healthy eating and exercise in our school. For our Dairy Month they came up with all their own announcements and talked to all the teachers with their classes about Milk Mustache Day. They helped kids make mustaches if necessary and also provided stencils to help. They made the photo background and took A LOT of pictures.