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Backpack Fundraising

Jill Arcaro,   East Jackson Elementary School
Student Leadership
Backpack Fundraising
We have many students in our school who do not have access to meals over the weekend. We partner with a local church to help provide food backpacks to the students on Fridays. Our SLT team wanted to raise money to give to the church so that more of our students would be able to participate in this program. They held a coin drive and had students bring in money to donate for this cause. They taped flyers to the student's lockers and announced this on the PA. They were so excited to help this cause!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Our SLT team has already started discussion about starting to raise funds earlier in the school year next year so that more students can participate. We have also talked about going to the church to help pack the backpacks and so the students can see the work that is done to provide these.