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Beehives at Loring Community School

Nancy Duwenhoegger,   Loring Elem School
Access to Healthy Foods
Beehives at Loring  Community School
Scholars in third grade at Loring Community School wear protective equipment and learn to handle frames and boxes, or sometimes just gain confidence standing next to the hive. This is an incredible learning opportunity and is an unforgettable experience for students. Tending to hives and observing bee activity provides our scholars with dynamic lessons about biology, agriculture, ecology, nutrition and even business. Bees do more than make honey. Pollination is also key to increasing the size of plants, fruits, flowers and overall crop yield. Our school garden has benefited from the bees as natural pollinators, keeping bees boosted our pollination rates and benefited a large number of fruiting and vegetable crops. And last but not least, students are fascinated to see and taste fresh honey from the hive!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The biggest challenge is funding for this program. Grants were received to help pay for the Master Beekeeper to teach lessons and the upkeep of the beehives. We have funding secured for the next three years. Class time is scheduled for the spring 2018 and fall of 2018 already.