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"Bee-ing Fit"

Jessica Farnsworth,   Flowertown Elementary
Student Leadership,  Teamwork
"Bee-ing Fit"

The Flowertown Elementary School Student Wellness Team, or the "Bee Fit Team", has made it their mission to get the Busy Bees of Flowertown active. Through their Fuel Up to Play 60 "Promoting Healthy Choices" initiative, they have raised wellness awareness among the students and faculty. The Bee Fit team recorded several commercials for the FES Morning Show that promoted water drinking, eating healthy foods, washing their hands, and staying physically active. They participated in the My Plate lessons provided by the USDA and they used what they learned to create a lunchroom display that helped other students make healthy food choices. The Bee Fit team also established a Water Drinking Initiative, spreading the word about the value of staying hydrated. A local Fitness Center even donated water bottles to every member of the Bee Fit Team so that they could be an example of wellness for others. Not only did the Bee Fit team complete many "Plays" through Fuel up to Play 60, they have become fitness and wellness ambassadors for other students. These student leaders created a fitness obstacle course and led the 4K class through the obstacles, encouraging them every step of the way. With the Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Wellness Investigation as their guide, the Bee Fit Team created an action plan for student wellness. These student leaders are setting great examples of healthy living and are models of teamwork!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

This year, we created a Student Wellness team to help us accomplish our Fuel up to Play 60 goals. This group of student leaders were an instrumental part of our success this year. They worked alongside the teachers and faculty members that are a part of the School Wellness Committee. Having the students become a bigger part of the team this year has helped us reach our "Touchdown Status" and achieve more as a school.