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Biking for Smoothies!

Whitney Farris,   Sam Rayburn El
Access to Healthy Foods
Biking for Smoothies!

In conjunction with our annual dodgeball tournament, we set up a Fuel Up to Play 60 booth. This booth included a healthy eating game and a bicycle blender that was used to make smoothies. For the younger grades, students were given various food cards and had to sort themselves into grains, dairy, protein, etc. on the food pyramid. Older students played a race game where they classified foods on the pyramid. The winner of the game rode the bicycle which powered the blender. Our smoothies had dairy (yogurt), fruit(strawberries, bananas, and orange juice), and were topped with grains (granola). This activity was a great addition to the dodge ball tournament. Many students tried foods they wouldn't usually eat and everyone received a lesson on the importance of healthy food choices and its impact on physical activity.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

More students tried the smoothie and granola at this event than at the previous yogurt taste testing. Further, many students requested additional smoothies and granola. We attribute this to increased nutritional awareness brought about by the FUTP60 program.