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Black Hawk Elementary 2017-18 Season

Trent Quarton,   Black Hawk Elementary School
Black Hawk Elementary 2017-18 Season
This year at Black Hawk Elementary, we increased our participation in FUTP 60 and had some students take leadership roles. We had two students achieve Ambassador status and a few others have come close. A few of our students took leadership roles by making posters for students to sign up for FUTP 60 at our school. We focused on the plays of Snacking Smarter School-wide and bringing NFL Flag to our school. We have worked with our cafeteria staff to provide a fruit or vegetable for our students' afternoon snack. We were also able to get some football players from  our local high school to come and play a Flag Football game with our students for our Kick-Off event. Our 5th grade now plays Flag Football during recess. This shows leadership and a knowledge of activities to stay active outside of school.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students who made posters worked with the Coordinator at the school to design and find time for students to sign up for Fuel Up to Play 60. The coordinator met with students enrolled in FUTP 60 periodically to talk about goal setting and other plays and challenges we could complete.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I think the leadership of students, rather it be making the posters or organizing their own game at recess, shows that we as a school accomplished our main goal of promoting activity in and outside of the community.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

With the MyPlate lunches and healthy snacks, students now have a higher understand of healthy vs. unhealthy foods at the school. This has been made evident in the health portion of our P.E. classes through discussion and assessment.