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Blend it Smooth

jeff stevenson,   JOHN D. PIERCE MIDDLE SCHOOL
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership, Success with Funds,  Teamwork
We have had so many successes to share for our FUTP 60 program this year. We started the year with our student team on Ford Field at the giant Michigan kick-off. This was so much fun! The students learned about healthy eating and why it is important to stay active. The action-packed day was filled with amazing education and fun. Then the team stayed fired up as they planned and put on an amazing tail gate lunch party, filled with all kinds of fun and activities. We had 2 smoothie bikes, and we even had Rory from the lions to help us fire up our school. Our student team did an amazing job with several activities and even had a dance party.  Students were having a blast and staying healthy. The team is now working on a mountain bike grant through specialized bikes, trying to get bikes in our school and community. We also have several of our leaders who are trying to be state ambassadors! Our team is rocking it this year, and we are not slowing down; moving forward and finding ways to keep our students having fun, staying healthy, and being active! Jeff Stevenson Waterford Pierce Middle School.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Putting together an awesome event for students and staff. Pierce crushed it! So fun and so active!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We never stop, once one goal is achieved, we set 3 more!