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Blender Bike Blitz

Rusty Tennant,   Central Ridge Elementary
Access to Healthy Foods
Blender Bike Blitz

Central Ridge Elementary has only just recently begun the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, and we have had a tremendous response from the students already. We saw a need for healthy food incentives during our school day, and nutritious food options at our afterschool events. Teachers unfortunately tend to use candy to motivate and reward their students, and our staff typically used pizza and soda to encourage attendance at afterschool events. We viewed this as an opportunity to make some positive nutritional changes. Immediately upon hearing about the program, our students began working on posters to display around the school and videos to air on our morning show. Once we knew we were receiving funding, we created a new incentive plan in our Physical Education program. Every student that ran at least 8 laps on track days for the rest of the year would be invited to a Blender Bike Party. The response was overwhelming! Without even having seen the bike, and with just the promise of smoothies, the class average went from 19 miles per session to 30 miles per session. When classroom teachers heard of our success they were on board to try it with their students. We finally received the Blender Bike 2 weeks ago and had our Kickoff event at the school’s Miracle of Science night. The students loved the smoothies so much, they kept the Blender Bike line longer than the pizza line all night! Due to the wonderful response we have experienced in such a brief time, we are incredibly excited to see the lasting impact this will have on our students. Thank you Fuel Up to Play 60 and the Dairy Council of Florida for affording us this chance to make our students and school healthier.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

As a result of our new incentive, students have become more motivated and increased their activity during P.E. Classroom teachers have also begun to use nutritious rewards and are turning away from unhealthy choices.