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Blender Bike Madness

Janet Jacobson,   Adams Spanish Immersion School
Blender Bike Madness

Our Adams Spanish Immersion FUTP 60 Leadership Group borrowed the school district Blender Bike in order to create and sample a smoothie recipe for the FUTP 60 Smoothie Contest. We met briefly and created two smoothie recipes. We then invited 5 classrooms over the next hour in order to demonstrate how the blender bike worked, mixed up a batch of smoothies for them to sample and finally took a quick hand survey to select the favorite recipe.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We had a lot to accomplish in order to demo and sample the smoothie recipe with just 10 minutes per class! The students took on the responsibility of settling each class into our demo area, describing what FUTP 60 was, handing out samples of our two smoothie recipes and taking a quick survey of the favorite.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The adults oversaw the handling of the food used to make the smoothie and pouring it into small cups. The students handled the rest. It was harder than imagined to blend that smoothie using muscle power! Also fun to hear the comments of our sampling groups.