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Break for success

Deirdre Hartman,   Liberty Gifted/talent Elem Sch

This year I decided to focus on in-class activity breaks. With the grant money I received, I was able to provide classroom teachers with the equipment and supplies needed to help them integrate movement and physical activity into their academic lessons. Our biggest success of the year was providing exercise balls to use as chairs, along with other sensory items for our students with ADHD and other special education needs. The addition of these materials has helped sped kids improve their focus during lessons and testing. Without these materials, most sped kids struggled to sit still and focus during a test and would rush through or become a distraction to others, now they are able to sit longer and focus better on the work in front of them and as a result their average test test scores have improved.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

I plan to make this Play last through this year and beyond because most of the materials and equipment we purchased are reusable.