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Breakfast Bash

Michael Lansdowne,   Hutchinson Farm Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Breakfast Bash
Where to begin... Our 5th grade Fuel Up Team decide to host a Breakfast Bash to get our students and staff excited and informed about our wonderful breakfast program. Currently we average 40-60 students a day that eat breakfast at school in the morning when we have almost 900 students that attend our school. Many of our students are free and reduced and start their day hungry. Our 5th graders wanted to do something about this. The students created posted all over the school and were on our morning news show spreading the word. On October 12th from 7:30-8am we had music and over 160 students in attendance. The team had laptops out and were educating kids about Fuel Up to Play 60 and even showing them how to navigate on the website. Our principal came down and helped the cafeteria ladies serve food as well. It was truly an amazing event and an eye-opening moment for the 5th graders that they truly can do ANYTHING that they set their minds and hearts to.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We meet every Tuesday and the students delegated responsibilities to the team.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Students have already met with the cafeteria manager to discuss ideas and plan to continue promoting the breakfast program.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We still have work to do, but these students are awesome! I have no doubt that we will meet our goal of averaging 70-90 students a day eating breakfast.