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Breakfast not Just Tacos

Robert Castorena,   Moody High School
Access to Healthy Foods, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
At Moody High School many students do not eat breakfast on regularly and if they do it is tacos, chips, and soda. I decided to survey the student body and found out that the reason for their poor diet practices is due to the lack of time. Eric V and I came up with the idea of overnight oats, since his mother and my daughter eat them regularly. I had my Nutrition and Wellness classes prepare them, while Eric gathered his friends to help. We prepared them with oats, low fat milk, Greek yogurt, honey, salt, and Chia seeds. The next morning some members of my classes cut fresh fruit to add to the overnight oats. Eric and his friend passed out the oats to students and staff, while informing them of all the benefits yogurt, oats, and Chia seeds have to offer. I believe it was a success due to all the interest in the recipe and the number of students asking if we were going to do it again soon. Eric and I will come up with new ways to continue to inform students and staff about the importance of breakfast.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge here at Moody High School is getting kids to buy into the programs we offer through PE and Health. When we first introduce a program to students we have to hope that the students can see the benefits ahead of time. If they cannot visualize the benefits, they will not even try. One thing we talked about as coaches is how we need to get better on giving feedback to students so they know how they are doing. This will be done through short term goal setting.