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Breakfast Rocks at Fairview Elementary

Christina Murphy,   Fairview Elementary School
Student Leadership

Our Fuel Up team video taped their own Breakfast Rocks play that they wrote and directed as well as starred in. They talked about the importance of eating breakfast every day, especially having a food or drink containing calcium for strong bones and teeth and muscles. They showed what they were eating (yogurt, milk, cereal bar, applesauce, juice) and encouraged everyone in their school to eat breakfast! We couldn't add the video to Facebook because we piped in Queen, We are the Champions and it wouldn't allow us to use that song without the rights.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students took time to write several different scripts about the importance of breakfast. They let me read them and I gave them some pointers and then gave them back the scripts. Then, they gave everyone roles and lines and I recorded them eating breakfast and sharing why it was important. Their teacher also gave them time to work on this in the classroom.