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Bridging the Gap

Kathy Brown,   Kenyon Woods Middle School
Student Leadership
Each Tuesday, the Special Education students serve lunches during one of the lunch periods. The students feel a great sense of belonging and significance due to the service they are providing to the school. One of the 8th grade FUTP 60 members took an interest in this activity and expressed that she would like to help. She also now comes every Tuesday to provide leadership and support to the students serving lunch. The success of this activity, as well as the role she has taken on, has made such an impact on her that she plans to continue on with a similar role next year at the high school.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The Special Education students feel a better connection to the school and other students. The students really enjoy the time they get to serve the lunches. They learn proper portion sizes, working as a team, and the nutritional components to make a lunch.