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Bridlewood Action For Healthy Kids

Stephanie Wilson,   Bridlewood El
Bridlewood Action For Healthy Kids
I received a grant from Action For Healthy Kids to purchase healthy snacks for the students at Bridlewood Elementary School. We enjoyed fresh apples and bananas for a snack at our annual Field Day event on October 6. We also will enjoy fresh fruit during our Jump Rope For Heart event in February, as well as participate in a healthy taste test in the spring of 2018. We, as a school, have been discussing the importance of fueling our bodies with nutritious choices. We are currently participating in the 21-Day Challenge, which encourages kids, staff, and parents to eat at least one healthy snack per day. We had a large percentage of students pledge to do this and are on the road to creating good habits with exercise and nutrition!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goals were accomplished by communication among all staff, Social Media, newsletters, word of mouth, and lessons taught in Physical Education. The parents, staff, and children worked together to make healthy choices.