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Bringing the Farm Home

Marsha Jackson,   Mahanay Elementary School
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Student Leadership
Our student team decided to start a movement to better educate the school on foods they eat that come from the farm. They did a survey and interviews to find out what others actually knew about the food they eat at school and home. They then began to go on the announcements to give facts on the process of getting dairy products from the farm to the fridge at school. With the help of a non-profit organization, we got fruits and vegetables donated to all the students. The learning and promotion of eating farm to school began to expand with the easy access to these healthy foods and built a inner competition with the students to drink more milk at lunch and share it with others.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

I have seen more attempts to try dairy from the students and a sense of pride when they do, because they run back to share their accomplishments. Students are excited to try and see what they will receive in their fruit and vegetable bags every week.