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Buff Puff Volleyball Kickoff to Help Feed our Community

Wendy Scholten,   Summit Trail Middle School
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Buff Puff Volleyball Kickoff to Help Feed our Community
For the Summit Trail Middle School Kickoff, Tirzah, School FUTP 60 Ambassador Leader, came up with the plan of having the 8th grade football team take on the volleyball team and collect canned goods for the community food bank. The kids had a blast playing each other in the very first, Buff Puff Volleyball Game. This was a play off of the Puff Football game schools often have. The principal was involved too by being the offical. The girls won and have bragging rights for the year.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Tirzah met with PA teachers, Beth Master and Wendy Scholten with the idea. The principal was then asked if this activity could be done at the end of the school day one day as a Kickoff for the school becoming a FUTP 60 school (this is the first year Summit Trail is open). Principal Guerrero was very willing to have this activity happen, especially since it included increasing food donations for the community.