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Bulldogs Fuel Up and Play 60

Deandre Florence,   Holmes Middle School
Physical Activity Participation

Every morning we do "Monday Morning Miles." Anyone who comes into the gym has to walk around on the pre-determined path. On the other mornings, we give opportunity for students to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football (depending on the rotation of the activities.) We have teamed up with our afterschool program and have the following activities available: 100 Mile Club, Dance Club, Exercise Club, Just Play Club, and Cooking Club. We also have Xbox Kinect that teachers use as rewards and get students physical active during class. We have some teachers using GoNoodle, as well during their class time. Our student team is planning a "Milk Mustache Day" for April. During that week they are going to a contest about nutrients. They are planning to do morning announcements each day during the special week. They are designing posters about healthy eating, also.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our teachers and students are working together to support eating healthy and getting active. During the school day and afterschool activities are all a part of our efforts to Fuel Up and Play 60.