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Cat in the Hat Parfait

Justin Weinhold,   Grove Elementary School
Snack Smarter Schoolwide
Access to Healthy Foods
Our school decided to put on a Dr. Seuss reading night / portfolio night for students and families to come in and read together as well as share student projects that they have been working on in their classrooms. We wanted to tie in healthy eating with our grant funding and decided to make fruit and yogurt parfaits to look like the "Cat In The Hat" hat. We layered clear plastic cups with low-fat vanilla yogurt and blended strawberry puree. We topped off our creations with a variety of cereals to show parents and kids how easy it is to make a healthy and fun snack at home. The response was overwhelming and we had around 66% of families in attendance for the event. We also tried to keep the station as interactive as possible by having students pump their own yogurt from larger containers. Students helped with the distribution and stocking of the items to provide us with an opportunity to discuss food prep and food service. The students enjoyed the responsibility (and wearing the plastic serving gloves!). Thank you Fuel Up to Play 60 for providing our school with the means to put on this great program for our students and our families.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I helped to facilitate the ordering of supplies and coordinating a group of student leaders to help with the food service. We also worked out a rotation for the students, so they were able to be with their families and still partake in the portfolio night showcase of their classroom projects. The students did a great job of helping with keeping the products stocked and avoiding waste by combining containers as the yogurt or strawberry level got low.