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CATCHing up at Canyon!

Sarah Nielsen,   Canyon Vista Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
CATCHing up at Canyon!

To have students choose healthier, nutritional choices, we teach them every year the concept of GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods. The cafeteria offers healthy sides of fruits and vegetables and healthy entrees, but kids these days are not necessarily choosing those options. We teach kids the importance of the Food Guide Pyramid and want them to get their servings of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables. Teachers who were on cafeteria duty told me students would grab the healthy sides, but not eat them. So to help with this, I would email tips to all teachers to share with students the benefits of eating healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables. Additionally, I shared YouTube videos for students to view that explained the pros of eating healthy. 

In my other Success Story, I mentioned we are doing a healthy concept every month. Water Wednesday was the main concept for September, so relating to good choices, we were encouraging staff and students to drink water, and give up the sugar sweetened beverages. I also provided water tips and what it does for the body. Again, these are all things implemented, and with the help of my coaches and staff, being a good role model and sharing the information, I felt it made students more aware and choose the healthier choice!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Some challenges I faced is going to the cafeteria to observe students and their eating habits. Students will choose the same thing over and over, such as pizza or the starchy carbs. Same with teachers, some individuals just don’t care what they look like or how they feel. What I can do is continue to plant the seed, be that role model and keep providing information and tips to remind individuals of what they should be eating, so they can lead a healthier lifestyle. Look better, perform better!