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Cedar Creek Milk Carton Design

Lori Danella,   Cedar Creek Elementary School
Drink Milk and Recycle
Cedar Creek Milk Carton Design
This elementary has always recycled their milk cartons. This year, one of the teachers saw a contest using milk cartons so she got fellow teachers, students and cafeteria staff involved in working together to make some sort of entry. Several students were allowed in the dish room every day to rinse out cartons so they would not start smelling. Words of wisdom, make sure an adult helps to ensure all the milk gets out, sour milk does not smell good in a school building! Everyone worked together to come up with a theme and kept collecting cartons. Different groups met at different times to work on the project. It took about 2 weeks to put the design together. They used a "Rocky" theme. They have submitted the project and are waiting on the results. The students and staff learned how important recycling was, how many milk cartons we go through every day that don't go to the landfill and how much fun you can have doing projects with different things. Everyone worked together as a team.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and adult staff members worked together to collect the cartons, clean the cartons, get the art supplies and create the work of art. Then they all got the word out to our other buildings, parents, business, etc to vote for them. It was a team effort.