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Celebrating Our Success!

Kimberley Winkelmann,   Sherman El
Celebrating Our Success!

Our FUTP 60 group is celebrating all that we have accomplished this year so far. We have announced the winner of our Morgan Burnett football. We had 82 students complete a healthy eating/living sheet that included having dairy in your diet. We are also celebrating our teaching staff completing a Holiday Challenge that also involved eating dairy! We have gotten official permission from our Principal, Mrs. VanVleet to conduct a healthy smoothie challenge in the New Year; so will be asking you for the use of that smoothie maker that can be attached to a bicycle at some point in Jan/Feb. All three smoothies that we will be sampling will contain fruit and yogurt. We are also celebrating our Marathon Kids Club that is up and running. We have a few students that are close to completing their first Marathon! We are celebrating by having some fun time together to just chill out and enjoy a healthy dairy snack. Thank you FUTP 60!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our group sat down together and discussed how to make our challenge for the Morgan Burnett football tough, but not so tough that any of our students couldn't accomplish it. We wanted it to be something that a 6 year old would enjoy completing as well as a 10 year old. For Our Marathon Kids program, our students give regular input. Myself and another coach are able to participate with them on a regular basis. The snow and ice have been a bit challenging lately, but we persevere!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The snow and ice have been the biggest challenge for our Marathon Kids Program. Cold days too. We have the students walk instead of run in icy weather. For cold days, we are working on a plan, but currently don't have anywhere inside our building to use, so we do "make-up" sessions when we can.