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Chasing Daisy

Dana Moore,   Cypress El
Physical Activity Participation
Chasing Daisy

We have many students  that walk to our school in the morning. We have a dog named Daisy that comes with her mom and son to walk to school. Every morning the parent will let Daisy run to me at my duty station to get a treat. The kids will run with Daisy. I let the first two students that make it to me hand Daisy a treat. Many times the students will let someone else give Daisy the treat as well. The kids love to run with Daisy. I wish I had Daisy all day to motivate kids to run.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

I love to motivate my kids to run anyway I can. We find ways to motivate them during our running club, such as keeping up with a teacher that likes to run or running one more lap than they did last time.