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Cheese Tasting Event at Lancaster Middle

Ashley Krantz,   Lancaster Mid
Highlight Healthy Foods — Go Nutritious
Access to Healthy Foods,  Success with Funds
Cheese Tasting Event at Lancaster Middle
We held a Cheese Tasting event at lunch earlier this year, using our funds from Fuel Up to Play 60 to purchase the cheese. We offered 4 different types of cheeses ranging from Havarti with cranberries to local goat cheese. After sampling each cheese, students filled out a ballot to guess each type. Winners won Fuel Up to Play 60 swag. All students also participated in our "Say Cheese" photo both as shown in the picture. This event not only promoted our local dairy farmers but also highlighted cheese as a nutritious snack. 

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students worked with the adult food service workers at our school to schedule the cheese tasting, used foodservice materials to prepare and store the cheese, and asked them to be a part of the final event.