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Cheetahs Jazzercising!

Jessica Valencia-Kuhm,   San Cayetano Elementary School
Let's Dance!
Success with Funds
Cheetahs Jazzercising!

At San Cayetano Elementary School, students enjoy learning about different dances. In P.E. class, students learn a new dance every month and we use it as a warm up before we start class sometimes. This year, thanks to FUTP60 Funds we were able to get one of our local jazzercise instructors to come in during Specials time (P.E., art, music, computers & library) and had every single student Kinder through fifth grade participate in Junior Jazzercise. The Jazzercise instructor was at our school the whole day and we all had a blast! Instead of students having their regular Specials Class that day their teacher took them to the MPR and then picked them up there when it was time to go back to class. Some teachers even stayed and participated with their class. It worked out great and we are really hoping we get to do this again!! Thanks FUTP60 for giving our school these awesome opportunities.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

For this event, we really had to work together as a team. Our principal allowed every Specials class to participate on Jazzercise Day. The Specials teachers had to go to the MPR and watch their class there and make sure they were on task. Classroom teachers all were on the same page as well. They knew they had to take their class to the MPR even if their Specials class wasn't P.E. that day. There is no way we could have done it without everyone's help!