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Choosing Healthy Snacks

Brandon Armstrong,   Camey El
Student Leadership
Choosing Healthy Snacks
My students are continuing last year’s work to meet with younger students to discuss their cafeteria breakfast and lunch choices and explain the importance of choosing healthy snacks at both home and school. By making these healthy choices now, my leadership team hopes to create healthy habits for a lifetime! Our school was also invited by the local high school to send a team to help determine some of the recipes to be included in the recipe book for the 21 Day Challenge sponsored by Medical City Children’s Hospital. This challenge will impact tens of thousands of the DFW Metroplex’s students that will participate and hopefully make healthy snacking a habit!

How did you accomplish your goals?

My leadership team recruited individuals to help spread the word about the importance of healthy snacks at home and at school. They met with younger children during breakfast to talk about their food choices and their snacks.