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City parks clean and smoke free

Nataly Van Alstine,   Anza Trail School
Student Leadership
City parks clean and smoke free

Our schools SWAT team works closely with the Pima County Health department on tobacco prevention besides what we do with Fuel Up to Play 60 and healthy living. This year's goal was to implement a policy in our city. We worked hard and got in touch with our city board; our students advocated for smoke-free access to the city parks so they could walk, run and play easier. We created and posted signs asking for patrons to not smoke. We urged that the parks needed to be a safe and easy to access place for our whole community. We invited city leaders and community members to come and see the parks and we all worked together to get Anza Park clean (closet to our school). We are proud to say that our parks are officially now smoke free, clean, and easy to access!!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We had many challenges! A lot of folks in our community didn't think that our issue was a big deal, getting other members of our community on board was a slow process, our students got was a long road!