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CMS DMac Gives Back Challenge

Hilarie Jones,   Colchester Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
CMS DMac Gives Back Challenge

Our school recently wrapped up our participation in a healthy eating Play (Fuel Up Your Community). The Play was part of the New England DMac Gives Back Challenge that is part of The Great American Milk Drive. The New England Dairy and Food Council and Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots challenged FUTP 60 Ambassadors and schools to help raise money to get desperately needed milk to families in need at the local food banks. Milk is an everyday staple for a lot of people, but at food banks it is a very rarely donated item, but highly requested and desperately needed. Food banks only have enough for about one gallon per person per year!

Our FUTP 60 team met with school administration, decided on a school-wide coin drop challenge, and also decided on a two week period for the challenge to run. We then created a video to explain how everything was going to work. We showed our video & another video that explained why we wanted to do this to the students, TA teachers and staff. The challenge pitted house against house and within each house each TA against each other to see who could raise the most. Each winning TA received a hot chocolate/cider party and the overall winning team got a team jail ball/social free time period on a specific Friday morning too. We promoted it on the announcements and at our community Harvest Dinner & Wellness Fair. The team delivered a labeled jar to each TA on 10/31 and they collected what they could during the two weeks. At the end of the challenge period on 11/11 we collected the 28 jars back again and counted what was raised. We are proud to say that we raised $330 to get milk to those in Vermont who need it!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

This challenge involved the help of everyone in the school from the team to the administration to the teachers and staff and of course the students!