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College Athletes Help Students Increase Involvement in Recess

Mary Biggs,   Roosevelt Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
College Athletes Help Students Increase Involvement in Recess

Iowa Western Community College Athletes visited Roosevelt Elementary and played football, basketball, soccer, 4-square, and fun games like Duck, Duck, Goose with the 5th grade students. Participation in physical activities out at recess increased by at least 50%. Students that usually mill around the playground talking with one another got actively involved with the football and soccer team members. Not only did they play more actively those two days, but they have remained more active out at recess since then by initiating and organizing more games of their own. Thank you, IWCC athletes for your time and inspiration!!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The football game at recess has been more inclusive since the college athletes visited. Plus, the rules of the game have been followed more closely and the kids have used better sportsmanship and encouraged one another more.